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[icon] Introduction Time! - The Ultimate Lord of the Rings Community!
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Subject:Introduction Time!
Time:02:58 am
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I am seeing other people do this so I might as well do it for an introduction as well. lol. With that said, hello everyone. Always nice to meet fellow LOTR fans.

1. Name: Brianne/Bree

2. Age: 19

3. Are you a fan of BOTH the books and the movies? (If only one, tell us why): I am a big fan of both. Of course nothing beats the immense detail and amazingness of the books and your own imagination bringing it to life. As for the movies: even though they cut out some parts and changed other parts I never really felt cheated of the storyline when I watched the movies. I also thought that everyone was perfectly cast and they really brought their characters to life.

4. Favorite LotR Character, and why: I just answered this elsewhere but I don't mind writing it again. lol. My favourite characters would have to be the brothers and Captains of Gondor, Boromir and Faramir. I admire their dedication and love to each other though they both have completely different personalities: Boromir is the military man and Faramir is the intellectual. It is also wonderful that even though Denethor favours Boromir (and he isn't afraid to show it) and frowns upon Faramir, Faramir holds no grudges and he and his brother are as close as can be.

5. Least favorite LotR character, and why:  Well since my favourite characters are Boromir and Faramir I'm pretty sure most can guess that my least favourite character is Denethor. In a way I think Denethor is to blame for Boromir's death and the near death of Faramir. Boromir loved Gondor and it's people, that I have no doubt about, but Denethor seemed to make it out that everything was his responsibility and in the end that burden made his mind weak against the Ring's whispers. I think we all know what happenes in the end... Denethor also always treated Faramir like a piece of trash on the side of the road even though he is his son. All Faramir ever wanted was to be shown a little love from his father every once in a while and this drove him to go back to Osgiliath even though the odds were far against him. It's damn sad when your own dad pretty much says to you: I wish you died instead of your brother.

6. Favorite scene(s) from either the books or the movies, or both: There are so many I don't think you want to get me started. lol. The Fellowship's journey through Moria, The Breaking of the Fellowship (Boromir death... so depressing.), Battle of Helm's Deep, Sam vs. Shelob... to name a few. lol.

7. Favorite battle/action/creepy scene: I think my favourite creep scene would have to been the hobbit's encounter with the Barrow-wights. Hearing the consistant "Help! Help!" and being separated from my friends would scare the crap out of me. My favourite battle scene would have to be the Battle of the Pellanor Fields. Let's just face it, it was an epic battle. As for my favourite action scene... I'd have to say Frodo trying to escape Shelob. 

8. If you lived in Middle Earth, what would you like to be (Hobbit, Elf, etc.)? I'd probably be a Numenorean.

9. Which place in Middle Earth would you most like to live in?  I would love to live in either Lothlorien and Gondor.

10. How did you hear about this community? I was searching LJ and came across it.
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Time:2010-07-19 05:54 pm (UTC)
Our answers are frighteningly similar. Even down to our age....are you sure you're not secretly me? :P
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Time:2010-07-20 03:12 am (UTC)
lol. Maybe I am your doppelganger..... o.0
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[icon] Introduction Time! - The Ultimate Lord of the Rings Community!
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